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2015/08/07 What is Leye?
Smart phone with Leye makes a microscope. You can use at a workplace, at downtown etc.
2014/10/17 Renewal of Home Page
It was made substantial with component and the object for research in addition to fluoroscopy equipment and an analysis systems.
2013/08/23 2013 May RBOX+803 new on sale
Desk top fluoroscopic apparatus RBOX+803 was completed and sold. We improved the design of RBOX+801 to be easy-to-use.
2013/08/23 2013 march new CT appered
Sample size 100*100*100-mm CT equipment was put on the market
2013/03/01 We have moved to NARA pref. .
We transferred to Gose-shi, Nara. This is a peaceful place of the foot in Katsuragi-san.
2012/12/14 greetings
X-ray Precision, Inc. has developed the X ray devices. The X-ray device until now, it was large-sized and heavy, but we thought whether it could be carried to the scene. At this company I promise you can find the device what you need.