X-ray Precsision, Inc.



    Handy soft X-rays generator.

    Lightweight and easy-to-use

    *  X-rays are generated by four dry batteries.  (Continuation about 8 hours are possible)
    *  Size   appr.  85 (W) x170(D) x35(H) mm
    *  Only while pushing the switch, X-rays generate..                      
                                                                                                   Please ask for details.



  We won  " the space venture excellent prize " by  space development venture system in  March, 2003 

  and in the following year we 've gotten " the judge special award " 

   by National Space Development Agency : present :space air-research

  organization   of development(JAXA).

     The technology is being proceeded to be commercialized.

  It is composed a unique cold cathode and a transparent type anti-cathode to the small vacuum closure pipe with

 4 mm diameter,  50 mm length.

  " Very small X ray tube for the non-destructive analysis system " is the optimal for the use.
  When we  combine it  with the our company's new product small-sized and sensitivity X ray camera  it shows power.