X-ray Precsision, Inc.



■Name                   X-ray Precision, Inc.
                             The head office /2 Miyanohigasi, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8510 Japan

                             Please give me connection and mailing below. 
                             Gose laboratry/ 343 Kobayasi Gose, NARA 639-2311 Japan
                             Phone  +81-(0)745-62-3040

                             Fax       +81-(0)745-62-3041
■Establishment:      December 28th in 2000
                            ① Development, Manufacturing and sales of the X-ray device
                            ② The research investigation which depends on the preceding clause and the consultant

                            ③ preceding clause
                             We are aiming at  " the X-ray great master " and we tackle the dwarfing, the lightening, the

                             superior performance of  an  X-ray device

  .                         To understand the inner ingredient  it has been possible to see the part of things  by  X- rays .

                            We are selling product and developing  the X-ray computed tomography  and the 3D elemental

                            analysis devices.

                            We provide a solution for the needs in the diversification .


■The capital                                  30,000,000 JPY
■Mnaging director:                          Yoshinori Hosokawa
■Delivery place ( Inconsecutive )
Japan Atomic Energy Agency

                                                     Panasonic Corporation
                                                     Mitsubishi Electric Co,ltd. Advanced Technology R&D center

                                                     Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Reseach & Innovation Center
                                                     Kitahama Ltd.

                                                     Toyobo Co., Ltd. 
                                                     Omron Kansai-Seigyo Corporation.
                                                     Midoriya techno Co.,Ltd.

                                                     Horiba Ltd.

                                                     Niki glass Inc.
                                                     Nippon Steel Corporation
                                                     Sugawara Ltd
                                                     Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
                                                     ISHIDA Co.,Ltd.
                                                     Tohken Co.,Ltd
                                                     Kyoto University
                                                     Kyoto Institute of Technology
                                                     Kyoto Prefectural Technorogy Center for small and Medium Enterprises 
                                                     Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
                                                     Nara Women's University
                                                     University of Shiga Pref
                                                     Doshisha University
                                                     Ritsumeikan University
                                                     University of Tsukuba                                                    

                                                     Osaka City University

                                                     University of Toyama

                                                     National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and technology
                                                     Korea CONTRON CORPORATION
                                                     China Omron Shanghai

                                                     Japan Science and Technology Agency

                                                     Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

                                                     Japan Science Foundation

                                                     China Beijing Normal University 
                                                     Saitama Pref.

                                                     Tsuyama city in Okayama Pref.

                                                     Tokushima Univ.


                                                     ALLOY INDUSTRY LTD.

                                                     Sumitomo Wiring Systems

                                                     EBM Corporatuon

                                                     FIGLA Co., Ltd.