X-ray Precsision, Inc.


X-ray Inspector BAT+801A4

 X-ray Inspector for Print Circuit Board

 and/or Lithium Ion Battery


● Sample size 250mm×350mm×40mm

● Both optical and X-ray image can

     be observed simultaneously.

● Our custom software is available. (option)


Leftl: X-ray image  Right: Optical image
Picture of Lithium Ion Battery


Picture of  BGA-IC
Left: X-ray image Right: Optical image



*For observing both surface and internal images of PCBs.

 ・Optical Imaging

 Color CCD camera with LCD monitor.

 ・X-ray Imaging

   X-ray window size; 18×12mm

   Quickly manipulation by handling nob.

   X-ray spot size is 100μmφ.

*X-ray viewing direction

 Bottom view45°(You can get the information along its thickness direction)


*Resolution of X-ray camera



  760(W)×600(D)×380(H)mm (without PC)  


  Approx. 80kg (Incl. desktop PC)

*Electric consumption

  AC 100V/ 240V   50/60Hz  500VA

*Radiation safety

  <1μS/hr at 5cm from cabinet surface.

 This specification may change for improvement.