X-ray Precsision, Inc.

Simple x-ray spectrum measurment display

Software for Multicahanel Analyzer by using  PC 

 When a signal that is prescribed and wavy (Tr→1μs or more, pulse width Tw→1ms or more, fall time Td=1μs or more, and Tf=2ms or more of ..repetition.. at rise time) is put in the audio input terminal of a note PC and a desk-top PC, they can work for a multichannel analyzer for the spectrum measurement .

This is the  software of various functions in the oscilloscope for the signal pulse type observation.






Example of fluorescent X-ray spectrum on stainless steel with CdTe detector



 This software is a part of the result of emphasized region research promotion program (regional needs conformity type) and up-to-date measurement analysis technology and developing equipment business "handy  Total Reflectin X-ray Fluorescent element sensor" in 2009 fiscal year of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).                                                        Please ask for details.