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X-ray Transmitted and XRF analyzer (carriable)


Transmitted X-rays Fluorescent analyzer RBOXRF+50μM           PAT. PEND.              



Transmitted  X-rays  fluorescent imaging are seen by this one device. It is the best for correspondence to the RoHS and the soil contamination regulation with the element and shape analysis.
Compact design.  Both of function  a large-scale XY sample stage and  the sample cell tray (24 pieces)





・Externals view W500×D430×H380mm

・Sample chanber size W400×D150×H50mm in sample room

・Optical and radioscopy image observations  as for both sides in the

 inside and outside of a sample
・Measurement by XY sample tray that can load 24 sample cell 





Various information are displayed.

① Sample surface image

    Particle configuration and ..shade.. observation.

② Radioscopy image of sample

    Density estimate of particle by change of voltage of

    X-ray tube.

③ The sample back optical image

    A particle individual element is analyzed by using

    together the collimator.

④ Sample XY stage control information

   24 samples are loaded with small space XY tray.

⑤ X-ray irradiation control

                                      Current of voltage of X-ray tube X-ray filter collimator.

                                  ⑥ X-ray and spectrum displays

                                      ROI, peak, and BGsubtract, etc.

                                  ⑦ Law table of cycle for identification

                                      Display such as Kα, Kβ, Lα, Lβ, and Lγ. 
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