X-ray Precsision, Inc.


CARRY ABLE XRF & X-ray CT          RBOX+902CT              .


Carriable, Compact


Inside the sample and the outward appearance is seen on a door monitor immediately.

Continuous revolving transmitted images gives us X-ray CT

image quickly.


A X-ray fluorescence analysis can be done.

 small high sensitivity X-ray camera made our are used

 ●High reliability metal ceramic X-ray tube.

 ●Sensitive analysis is made by choice of an X-ray filter (1st and, secondary).


                                                                  3D-CT image of Electrolytic capacitor



3D-CT image of seed of soybean


3D-CT image of grig




 ・A part industrial electronic item and parts,

    plant and small animals, medical supplies, etc.

●Transmitted image observation

 ・X-ray imaging window size18×12mm

 ・Still transmission image

・Automatic rotation observation (Animation recording)

Imaging geometry magnifying:2.0

X-ray CT image

 ・from 360°rotation transmitted image to 3D image  

●X-ray fluorescence analysis
 * Analysis element :Si14 ~U92
 * X-ray fluorescence spectral measurement (qualitative analysis and relative quantitative analysis)


 ・Approx. 50(W)×60(D)×67(H)cm


 ・Approx.60Kg + Laptop PC

Power supply

 ・AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 200VA


 X dose rate below 1μSv/h(below a natural radiation level)


 Please ask for details.