X-ray Precsision, Inc.




 * Enables high sensitivity measurement about β- ray or

    cesium of the very small quantity radiostrontium in the liquid

    sample, using 3M EmporeTM Rad Disc.

 * The large area thin window GM tube of the same size as Rad

    Disc is used.


 * It is the maximum detection sensitivity is obtained by

    carrying out sandwich measurement of both sides of Rad Disk


  ・Usable area 2 inchφx 2 (with protective netting) 
  ・Liquid cristal Display : 16-figure of  two lines

   ・ Maximum  999,999 count. 
   ・Mesuring time   30 s, 1, 10 min,  free 

  ・ USB output 
     Lapsed time, a count number  

  ・Power supply  

     Three AA alkaline batteries (hour of use 100 hours) 

  ・ A main part size and weight 

     212(L) x82(D) x60 (H) mm    Approx.  720gr

                                                                                                                                               Please ask for details.