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Desktop type micro X ray clairvoyance analyser

Desktop micro X-ray analysis fluoroscopy  RBOXRF+2010

 The fluorescent X-ray analysis becomes possible with this one which is newly developed a part of X-ray iris. While seeing monitor and through a part of X-ray



 Example of usage

  ○  Radioscopy of internal structure of resin metallic casting goods.

  ○  Radioscopy image on plant and insect's and elementary analysis of

       particular parts.

  ○  Alloy composition analysis and the defect of Boyd and the foreign         

       materials is analyzed

  〇 Inspection analysis on foreign materials of food and in medicine.

  〇  Inspection and elementary analysis on BGA in printed wiring board part.

  〇  Elementary analysis of harmful particles in soi and specific material.





  〇  large sample 365(D)×275(W)×70 ((H) mm can be treated.

  ○  It is possible to move quickly the area of seeing by the sample lever.

  ○ The optical and the radioscopy image of the face and the back of the sample can be observed

  ○  The radioscopy image can observe an internal structure of the thickness direction 45 degree.

 ○  The RoHS regulation element can be easily analyzed by fluorescent X-rays.

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