X-ray Precsision, Inc.


Smart Bequerel Counter SBC+10

It is mobile power exertion with a carriable type to investigation of the soil of a forest, fields, plants, fruits, tree and vegetables. 

 Measurement  Location, time, and Bq /kg
 The amount of samples    Approx. 200 gr
 Measuring time  10minute⇒ 10 hours
 Minimum limit of detection    5Bq /kg (measuring time 600 seconds)



 Put into the shielding container  and begin measurement with a lap top computer.
 Required functions are all-in-one

 =>CsI detector, a shielding container, and a balance, a lap top computer, software, etc.

This equipment was developed with professor' guidance of  Osaka University faculty of technology graduate school.


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