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 X-ray generator


Soft X-ray generator  SXG+10

 Generate the soft X-rays of long wavel ength from 0.15 nm.
Power supply by AC/DC adaptor.
Truth-or-falsehood judgment of bill.

Securities is supported by sterilization deeper portion .

 Soft X-ray generator  SXG+9( dry cell type)

 A handy type soft X-ray  generator .

 Small size and a light weight

 About 0.25 nm - 1.24 nm (about 5-1 keV) soft X-ray 

 are  generated.

 It operates, when an X- ray power switch is pushed.

 Four alkaline dry cell use.
 It is mainly the best for the object for research, and 


X-ray generator for micro beam


 Please use for the X-ray fluorescence and micro

  X-rays  CT of a minute domain. 


 Voltage and current: 15-50kV, 0-0.6m

 Stability of the tube current and high voltage

 Power fluctuation : ±0.01%/±10%

 Temperature stability: ±0.01%/℃
 Demension: 140(W)×180(H))×250(D)mmA

 Weight: Approx. 7kg

 Power consumption: AC100V70VA

                                                                                                                                      Please ask for details