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Sensitive X-ray camera


High Sensitive Small X-ray camera  XC+604HD


X-ray transmission  image is seen then and there.    The  X-ray transmission  image of one every 30ms is obtained.
Side view Front view
 ○ It is a small and fine resolution, X-ray camera by the high sensitivity scintillator and the taper fiber Optics.

 ○ Accumulation and the gamma selection etc. of the X-ray image frame can be done easily by a remote controller of the attachment.

 ○ Output signal is obtained by the BNC connector with doing in accordance with NTSC and usual liquid crystal monitor.

Basic performance
Density of scintillator  4.51gr/cm3
Effective X-ray picture view  18mm×12mm      
size of  CCD cell     8.4μm×9.8μm            
luminescence wave length 565nm
X-ray resolution     1/2 inches          
optical attenuation time   <1μsec    
 CCD valid pixel  768(H) × 494(V)
 Externals specification etc.
 Power-supply voltage     12V
 Current consumption    Max 160mA
 Operating temperature    + 5~+40℃   
 Storage temperature    65%RH or less  
 Dimension    38(W)×57(H)×84mm(L)
 Weight   approx.  315gr          
 Installation fixation screw  Ui/4 inch
 Accessory   remote controller  
 Accessory  AC adaptor  100-240V


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