X-ray Precsision, Inc.

inline RBOX+2011

Conveyer belt type X-ray Inspector  RBOX+2011

Best choice for a total automatic check



● Hundred percent inspection inside a product can be safely performed by a imaging of 

    transmitted X-rays.


● Get a X-ray image automatically while a sample is on a conveyor belt.

  You can perform a computer inspection by dedicated analytical software.


● An element image can be pictured by means of an X-ray balanced filter





 Samples  Solder, Foreign substances, Boyd, Defect
 Detection limit  20 μm or more (by condotions)
 Sample movement speed  1~100cm/s
 Sample size  Max 200mm ×300mm
 Power supply  AC100V or 200V500VA
 Radiation safety  1μSv/H Below a natural radioactivity


 Print Circuit Board of Lap top PC

 Enlarged image 
Example of X-ray images


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