X-ray Precsision, Inc.


Desk Top CT System  RBOX+3000CT


 X-ray CT image is quickly obtained by the sample rotation imaging of transmitted X-rays.


RBOX+3000CT provides the inspection of internal structure of the large-sized sample by a step scan X-ray CT image.


● The long scale X-ray sensor of original products.
    The special X-ray tube of high reliability correspond big samples.
 A step scan provides 3D picture.
Sample size Max W100mm×D100mm×H100mm
Spatial resolution  20μm or more (by conditions)
Sample rotation Minimum rotation: 1.8 degrrs or less
Sample hight Z-axis: 15cm or more
Magnifying power 1.3-3.0(based on a sample size)
Image-processor Hardwae base PC+software
X-ray tbe voltage 65kV
Tube current 700μA
Focal spot size 50μm or less than 20μm
X-ray line sensor Length 20cm, 600dpi
Dimensions W90.4cm× D62.74cm× H89.92cm
Weight Aprx. 150kg
Power supply AC100V or 200V 500VA
Radiation safety 0.1μSv/H below a natural background

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